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Advanced Performance, Inc. is a Midwest consulting firm that has been partnering with business owners and executives for more than a decade to enhance the competitive nature of their business.

Utilizing tools and techniques from Lean Manufacturing, team building disciplines from T.Q.M. (Total Quality Management) and leadership training derived from The Center for Creative Leadership, API has woven a program that empowers people at all levels of the organization to become engaged in driving out waste and continuously improving their processes.

The result is a culture of execution that allows business strategies to move from paper to action.

Your tooling, software, raw materials and facilities can all be cloned by your competition to attack your market.  What establishes your competitive edge is your people and the extent to which they are engaged and capable of executing your business strategy.

API’s “Collaboration U.S.A.”® transformation program allows individuals at all levels of the organization to rapidly learn simple tools and techniques that can be quickly applied to improve current business  processes.  As the teams learn how they can drive out waste and make their process easier and more productive, they become empowered.  Each success builds on the previous one, unleashing their creative juices and igniting a continuous improvement environment.

Based upon their combined 60+ years of experience in manufacturing, sales and leading continuous improvement processes at various organizations, API principals Larry Lukasik and Jim Therrien have developed a time-tested and results-based program called Collaboration U.S.A.®

The Collaboration U.S.A.®  program — which is a combination of Lean Manufacturing techniques, team building disciplines and leadership concepts — helps companies quickly transform into time-based, continuous improvement organizations.

How can this program help your organization use a people-first approach toward bottom line results? Read more…

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Did you know?

With Synchronous Manufacturing, typically 95% to 100% consensus from employees (at all levels of all functions) supports the implementation, and employees’ buy-in just gets stronger as the implementation progresses. This approach gets very high plant productivity but with a lot less stress and tension than in many other “high performance manufacturing” environments. And so many of the day-to-day frustrations of an employee’s typical day just disappear; employees appreciate the opportunity to work smarter rather than working harder.