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Advanced Performance, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Larry Lukasik and Jim Therrien.

Based on their combined 60+ years of experience in manufacturing, sales, and leading continuous improvement processes at various organizations, they developed a unique program called Collaboration U.S.A.®

This program — which is a combination of Lean Manufacturing techniques, team building disciplines and leadership concepts — helps companies quickly transform into time-based, continuous improvement organizations.

The Collaboration U.S.A.® program has been used in a multitude of companies from metal fabrication, to molding, to printing, to food processing and information technology.  From custom manufacturing to administrative processes this simple process allows individuals to quickly grasp new insights into their work and unleash their creative talents to drive out waste and improve productivity.  This program is an execution tool that allows companies to achieve their goals, faster and easier than doing it themselves.


Larry Lukasik
Larry LukasikLarry is the founder of Advanced Performance, Inc.  Larry brings 35 years of manufacturing experience in the areas of materials management, logistics, customer support, information systems and financial reporting.

During his career, Larry has developed and directed successful programs for purchasing, production planning/scheduling and warehouse management in repetitive & MTO environments. He has served as the project leader for ERP systems selection and implementation in single and multi-site operations, including simplified financial reporting in a lean environment.

Prior to Advanced Performance, Larry held the positions of Materials Manager and Customer Support Manager at DovaTech, Ltd. (Division of Dover Corporation) and Vice President of Operations at Tri-State Industries, Inc.


W. James Therrien
W. James TherrienJim is a co-founder of Advanced Performance, Inc., an Air Force veteran and an FAA licensed commercial pilot. He spent 18 years in the aviation industry. Jim has over thirty years of sales and operations experience, with over ten years of implementing Lean Manufacturing.

Prior to Advanced Performance Inc., Jim was Vice President of Operations, Vice President New Business Development, Vice President of Sales, Director of Marketing and General Sales Manager for DovaTech, Ltd. (division of Dover Corporation).

Jim has extensive business experience in North America, Western Europe, the Far East and Australia, and is a graduate of the Center for Creative Leadership.

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Did you know?

With Synchronous Manufacturing, typically 95% to 100% consensus from employees (at all levels of all functions) supports the implementation, and employees’ buy-in just gets stronger as the implementation progresses. This approach gets very high plant productivity but with a lot less stress and tension than in many other “high performance manufacturing” environments. And so many of the day-to-day frustrations of an employee’s typical day just disappear; employees appreciate the opportunity to work smarter rather than working harder.