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API uses a three-pronged approach to help companies quickly transform into time-based, continuous improvement organizations — Lean Manufacturing Tools and Techniques, Team Building and Team Based Leadership — which we have registered as a trademark product named Collaboration U.S.A.®

The Collaboration U.S.A.® program has been used in a multitude of companies from metal fabrication, to molding, to printing, to food processing and information technology. From custom manufacturing to administrative processes this simple process allows individuals to quickly grasp new insights into their work and unleash their creative talents to drive out waste and improve productivity.  This program is an execution tool that allows companies to achieve their goals, faster and easier than doing it themselves.

API links with the leadership of a company to customize how the program will be rolled out to ensure an uninterrupted flow of products and services to the market while transforming processes. This tight integration allows each company to implement and maintain a custom solution that works for them. The result is a more competitive organization with an empowered employee base that can truly say…”We did it!”


Lean Manufacturing Tools and Techniques
Lean Manufacturing tools have a proven track record for helping organizations of all sizes and types drive out waste and improve processes. API has organized these concepts into an easy to understand building block methodology that allows employees at all levels of the organization to quickly comprehend the concepts and immediately put them in action. Each new concept presented builds on the previous one, enhancing the employee’s ability to analyze and improve the work processes in their area of responsibility.

  • Lean Tools
    • Five S
    • Flow Charting
    • Adding Value
    • 8 Causes of Waste
    • Pull Systems

  • Quick Change Over
  • Mistake Proofing
  • Cellular Manufacturing
  • Performance Metrics


Team Building
The power behind Lean Manufacturing or any continuous improvement methodology is in unleashing the creative energy in people. To aid individuals into making the transition from working hard to working smarter, we present, discuss and exercise team building concepts that allows groups of people to become high functioning teams.

  • Team Building Concepts
    • Why change is so difficult
    • Why teams typically make better decisions than individuals
    • Key communication issues within a team
    • Becoming empowered through accountability
    • Moving from emotion to data


Team Based Leadership
In many organizations, the most technically proficient individual in an area is often positioned in a leadership role.       While this may help in problem solving specific issues, there are many other aspects of leadership in which these individuals may have limited experience. To gain the benefits of empowered teams, leaders must hone their soft skills as highly as their technical skills.

  • Team Leader Coaching
    • Role of a Supervisor (Team Based environment)
    • Being Assertive, not Aggressive
    • The Art of Listening
    • Creating Expectation for Your People (Pygmalion Effect)
    • Dealing with Conflict
    • Creating a Vision

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Did you know?

With Synchronous Manufacturing, typically 95% to 100% consensus from employees (at all levels of all functions) supports the implementation, and employees’ buy-in just gets stronger as the implementation progresses. This approach gets very high plant productivity but with a lot less stress and tension than in many other “high performance manufacturing” environments. And so many of the day-to-day frustrations of an employee’s typical day just disappear; employees appreciate the opportunity to work smarter rather than working harder.